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How do I access the course materials?

Click on the Learning Tab to access all course materials and weekly assignments.

How do I access the course materials

How do I submit assignments to my instructor?

Click on the Submit Assignments button.

How do I submit assignments to my instructor

This will open an email to the class instructor. Type your comments into the body of the email and attach your assignment documents, if any, to the email. Your assignment submission is sent privately to the instructor.

How do I join a team discussion or assignment discussion?

Click the Topics tab and go to your Discussion Topics folder to complete the Discussion Activities for the lesson.

How do I join a team discussion or assignment discussion

How do I contact other members of the class?

You have two ways to contact members. Click on their icon on the learning community home page. Or click the Members tab and click on their icon there.
To return to the Home page use the browser back button.
How do I contact other members of the class

I only see Chapter 1 of my readings. Where are the other chapters?

Some courses require that you purchase a separate textbook to complete the course. The first chapter of ABA textbooks is posted for those students who have not received their textbook on time for the first assignment. If you have not yet ordered the textbook, you can purchase it immediately through this platform. Type the name of the textbook in the “Search” box on in the upper right corner of the system, and follow the instructions to add the book to the shopping cart and complete your order. Refer to your confirmation email for the exact name of your textbook.

I missed a scheduled webinar. What are my options?

All scheduled webinars are recorded and the recording can be launched from the Learning Tab. Look for it under the week that it was scheduled and click Launch.

My discussions and exercises will not mark Complete. How do I complete them?

Your instructor will mark these items complete once he or she has posted your grades for these items.

How do I check my grades?

Click on the Access Grades button.

How do I check my grades

This will open a custom report. Follow the instructions noted below:

How do I check my grades
  1. Click on Actions again and then click on the View button. That's the icon with the Eye eye.
  2. Scroll down to Report Results.
  3. Under User Full Name, click on the Down Arrow beside your name.
  4. The training items you have completed so far in the course will appear on the screen along with their associated grades.

How do I complete the course evaluation?

To complete the Evaluation, click on Learning > View Your Transcript and then click the Evaluate link for this course to launch the course evaluation.

How do I print the Certificate for this course?

You must complete all sections in the course, receive a passing grade, and complete and submit the course evaluation to be able to print a certificate.

To print your certificate, Click on Learning > View Your Transcript.
How do I print the Certificate for this course

Locate the completed course on the Active > Completed tab and click on the Session title to open the Training Details page.
How do I print the Certificate for this course

Scroll to the bottom of the Training Details page and click on Print Certificate.
How do I print the Certificate for this course

What do I do when my browser just spins?

You must clear your browser cache. Do this through your browser control panel (Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options or Firefox/Chrome: Control Panel > History). Be sure to delete all temporary internet files. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact your bank’s technical support.